I have been seeing Natasha for at least 5 years if not more. I started with knee issues which with her helped improved quickly. We’ve worked together over the years on other issues that pop up due to exercise and running. She’s very knowledgeable and is always staying on top of new methods for her patients. As a runner with plantar, she’s helped keep my feet in great shape. If you are in need of physical therapy, I highly recommend you see Natasha, she will take great care of you.
— Melissa


“I have seen Natasha twice now, for separate issues. Both times she was able to pinpoint the issue that was ailing me, and I felt improvement after the first visit. I highly recommend her, she works magic!”


I was experiencing excruciating tendonitis after having my fourth child. I went to Natasha to “fix me” and there were so many other problems she found, which I was probably too tired to notice. One hip was much higher than the other, throwing my “everything” out of alignment. She worked on my hip alignment first and very quickly everything else fell into place. My shoulder was very painful, an issue I have dealt with since having children, and she was able to help improve motion and lessen pain much faster than anyone I have seen before. She gave me tips and tricks to do while I was home which I could fit into my incredibly hectic schedule.
I was so happy with the work Natasha did for me that I have become a repeat customer. I tripped up the stairs one morning and gave myself pretty severe whiplash. Natasha worked for a few days on massaging the pain away. After the initial pain had subsided she worked on strengthening my neck, which I will admit is quite long and prone to issues. Some of the exercises she gave me seemed totally nuts, but they really did work amazingly well.
Natasha has also helped with lower back issues, a seemingly hereditary issue, but it had also been traumatized with the birth of my third child. Together we have strengthened my back and I have had fewer issues with it in the last three years.
Natasha inspired me to start running when she ran the Boston Marathon in 2014. I had not run in over two decades, but I started and realized I enjoyed doing it. Occasionally Natasha would have to work out the lactic acid for me but she kept me in motion and inspired to keep going. Some of the tools she used were so simple, like foam rollers, but boy did they work.
At the end of last summer, a large truck T-boned my car (with all the kids and a friend inside!) Luckily, the children were fine. I was the only one hurt, and it was not that bad, minor whiplash (probably because we had been working on strengthening my giraffe neck!) I actually called Natasha from the beach, once everyone was out playing, and she saw me that night after I came home and put the kiddos to bed.
Not only is Natasha and incredibly knowledgeable PT with great technique and attention to detail, but she is also very kind and caring. She truly and obviously cares about you as a patient and wants you to improve quickly and feel better. If you are in need of physical therapy, I absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend Natasha, owner of Inspire Motion, to be your PT. She will have you feeling like yourself in no time. She is the only Physical Therapist I will ever see. I do not give five star reviews often, but Natasha absolutely is the five star, gold standard PT.
— Hilary


“When I injured my shoulder, I could not raise it past 90 degrees and experienced a shooting pain down my arm. Even sitting at my desk and reaching for a pen was painful. I had heard about my friend seeking treatment as well for his shoulder from Dr. Heitman, and he had great results. Upon entering Natasha’s office I knew she would be able to help me get back into normal activity without pain. She was very thorough and took her time with the diagnosis, and provided me with exercises to help increase my strength. Now after about a week, I am able to move almost as well as before the injury. Thank you, Natasha!”