We place an emphasis on assessing postural alignment, as postural alignment can greatly impact certain overuse syndromes. Posture assessment consists of observing and discussing how you use your body on a regular basis from sitting, standing, driving, sleeping, and working. Based on our assessment, adjusting your posture and the environments that you move and work within might be a part of your plan of care. We may also provide recommendations for improved everyday ergonomics, including but not limited to sitting in a desk chair, using writing utensils, and proper gardening tools and posture.
Medications and different medical conditions can have a big impact on your musculoskeletal system. Gathering your medical history from as far back as birth until the time we start seeing you is crucial to us. Your body can carry many things from the past, and this holistic outlook helps give us a full scope of how to address your current problems and prevent any future pain and discomfort.
To best understand how to help you, we need to know how your current discomforts are limiting you and holding you back from living your best life. Your personal goals are extremely important: you are the one living with these limitations and we want you to achieve the goals you want to achieve. Overcoming your current limitations, no matter how long they have been hindering you, is what we want to discuss at your first visit and at follow-up visits.
Along with posture, many clients are coming to us with issues related to their walking. We’ll take the time to discuss and analyse your personal gait pattern and help you best understand how it may need to be improved, especially after a total joint replacement or other injury.