Exercise Methods


Along with traditional physical therapy exercises, at Inspire Motion we provide custom therapeutic exercises specific for your current musculoskeletal condition. These exercises are usually simple and should cause minimal discomfort. Our custom therapeutic exercise plans focus on improving your range of motion and stability, and then progress to improve strength, flexibility and endurance in an effort to get you back to joyful movement and prevent further injury.
How you move and utilize your body on a daily basis will greatly impact your current discomforts and limitations. At Inspire Motion, we spend extensive time teaching you how to sit better, stand better, walk better, and even sleep better. With this approach, we identify how your activities of daily living can be tweaked or adjusted to move easier and with less pain. We greatly encourage natural and healthy movements that will help you move with more freedom, strength, and flexibility.
Whether you’re relearning how to walk or trying to improve your movement patterns to prevent breakdown and injury, spending adequate time analyzing your gait pattern is a great starting point for cluing us in to your sources of pain. Once we’ve pinpointed the dysfunction of your gait pattern, we will work with you to get you to a pain-free gait.
At Inspire Motion, we have ample experience with utilizing the Burdenko Method, a technique which utilizes both water and land exercises to improve ease of movement. Although we currently do not have access for instruction in a water setting, we frequently provide exercises to utilize in the water if you have access to a pool. We also focus on the many amazing land-based exercises that help with improving your core strength, balance, and flexibility.