Physical Therapy Services

Inspire Motion Physical Therapy and Wellness now located at Wellness at Villageworks

Initial Evaluation & Treatment

Our evaluations are longer than typical and this is because we want to get a clear medical history as well as establish a good relationship with you. We will spend time gathering your medical history, your current limitations, your working environment, daily physical activities, and understand your goals related to your health and wellness. We will do a physical examination related to your specific complaint as well as assess your overall posture because you are a whole person, not just a knee or shoulder. We recommend you bring/wear loose fitting clothing so that we have easier access during our examination and assessment. This also allows for easier treatment when we perform manual techniques. We do perform some manual techniques over clothing, but sometimes will need access to an area for deeper soft tissue mobilization.

After performing our examination and manual treatment we will instruct you in a simple exercise program if appropriate that we will build upon. We will also discuss how many visits we anticipate that you will need depending on our diagnosis and the severity of your symptoms. Some people can utilize this visit as a 1 time consultation if they are seeking a more preventive route, and you then may follow-up once in awhile. 

Follow-up Physical Therapy Visits