Pain Management


TENs Unit

TENs stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This device has been used by PTs to help patients with pain management for many years. The device helps by utilizing the Gate Control Theory of pain. This theory suggests that nerve impulses through the spine can only receive a certain amount of information at a given time, such as pain. So, if you provide a stimulus that disrupts the pain messages, you will experience less pain. A great example is when you stub your toe and automatically feel the need to rub the area to make it feel less painful. We highly recommend this for people who are looking for a drug-free alternative for pain management. This is also some evidence that using a TENs unit does help increase blood flow to the area that is being treated. 


Acupressure Mat

Soothing back pain relief and neck pain relief to improve sleep, mood, energy levels and circulation


Massage Glove

Helps remove your fatigue and muscle tightness by improving circulation. Reduces aches and pains.


Spiky Massage Ball Set

Release tension, stimulate nerves, relax muscles. Great for plantar fascitis, addressing trigger points, and self massaging soles of your feet.


Trigger Point Tool

The Knobble II allows you to easy apply pressure to tight trigger points. 


Body Back Buddy

The perfected design of the Body Back Buddy offers 11 accurately placed therapy knobs that allow you an ease and access to every pressure point in your entire body. Effortlessly locate and relieve spasms, muscle knots and trigger points. Use the 12-page instructional manual to help guide your self-treatment.