Equipment We Highly Recommend


Self Massaging Tools:

A Favorite!

Improve Flexibility

A Favorite!

Great for Plantar Fascitis


Ice and Heat

Small for wrist, ankle or foot

Medium for elbow, knee or calf

Large for shoulder, back, or thigh


Exercise Equipment

Forearm/Wrist, Extra Light

Forearm/Wrist, Light

Forearm/Wrist, Medium

Forearm/Wrist, Heavy

A Favorite!

Multiple Uses

Read Description for Correct Size

A must have!

Challenging Exercises

Recommend using at your desk or car for posture and alignment

Shoulder ROM

Multiple Resistant Levels

A Favorite!

So Many Exercises


Pain Management

TENs, everyone should have one!

Natural Anti-Inflammatory

TENs Pads

Recommended for those with Fibro



Supportive Braces

For Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow

For Elbow/Forearm Pain

Gentle Ankle Support

Gentle Knee Support

Posture Support

Relieves Low Back Pain

Neck and Shoulder Support

Books About Movement and Posture

Born to Run; Inspiration for runners

Move Your DNA

Alignment Matters

Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief